Victor has problems with the new heater

Published: Sunday, 28 August 2022

SO SOMETHING more at home—the installation of the replacement of our diesel heater.

The old Mikuni  diesel heater, Japanese, I may add, lasted 22 years with just the occasional service and a few new glow plugs, but eventually had to be replaced, with our being told there were no more spares.

So we went for the replacement, Chinese, this time, an MV 40, and installation was a bugger.

It started well as the heater and the separate diesel pump fitted well on the old Mikuni steel plate and there were very good lengths of wire for the switch, fuses and all connections.  Then we switched it on—but nothing!

The water pump was buzzing merrily away, so thought that's not the trouble it must be the diesel, but though there was diesel coming out of the pipe it was not coming out of the pump, so off it went back to the supplier, with it eventually returned as being working.

A conversation suggested installing a new diesel pipe, and I must admit they had supplied plenty of it, but that made no difference. Then we tested the voltage to the pumpthere wasn't any!  And discovered one of the thin prongs on the connector was bent over, so straightened it out and hey presto! we had diesel.

HeaterCapBut it still did not work!  So back to the fella again, who I have to admit was most helpful, giving him the number of diagnostic flashes and he telling they showed that the water was not getting through. As they had supplied new pipe we could not understand but took it off and gave it a good blowand out popped the cap as shown that was bunging it up!

And then it worked, on its second try.

How the hell a cap came to be in the pipe no one knows. One thing I will congratulate the supplier oneverything you could possibly need was in the box, pipes, connectors, clips and even a bunch of ties, so at least there was no need for hunting bits and pieces, they were all there.

Next week it gets its test, so will let you know!

Not a happy bunny

It seems I rather upset dear Damien, he of the Boater's Update, concerning the trust's so-called 'vandalism' of the broken off lock gate on Camp Hill.

He insisting—yet againit was vandals who had broken the holding collar on the gate allowing the gate to fall away, though the collar was still on the gate as could be seen from the published photograph. It was obvious the gate had simply come away from its mountings through wear, but he had it seems been told to have yet another attempt to prove it was vandals.  Forget it lad, you're flogging a dead 'hoss'.


Out on our boating travels we have often come across 'vandalism' that most certainly was not.

Time and time again meeting empty pounds at our early morning starts that later created a 'vandals' excuse.

There was the top pound of the Hatton Flight on the Grand Union that was just a small stream, (pictured) but after filling the short pound seeing the amount of water coming through the top and bottom gates clearly gave the reason—the only vandals were CaRT for failing in its maintenance.

Further down we met a boater who laughed about it, telling us "It's always vandals don't you know?"

This is a regular morning occurrence at the pounds below Kilby Bridge too on the Leicester Section, at one time a worker being already there allowing water down in the early morning.

Yet we all know it's when gates and waterways leak so much they empty short pounds, especially as dredging is now somewhat lax, with the Huddersfield a good example with its all too regular closures.

Then there was the other stupid 'vandal' announcement that no people will be attending the Stainforth & Keadby Canal, New Junction Canal and the Don Aqueduct, should there be any problems.

This it was stated was due to anti-social behaviour—but we were not given any details.

How ridiculous is this? That part of the system is miles from anywhere and never had any 'anti-social behaviour and threats' reported in the last 20 odd years narrowboatworld has been published!

It is all getting rather silly. 

Pinching the diesel

Complaints from CaRT that its diesel is being stolen from its tank at Lock 16 at Todmorden on the Rochdale Canal that is affecting the operation of the pump that supplies water to the canal.

This has been happening over the past few weeks with fuel worth up to £1,000 being stolen we are informed.

But how did vandals gain access? Surely it's not beyond CaRT's means to install a thief-proof lock to keep the diesel safe rather than switch the pump off and have it 'under review'?  And of course the waterway then closed.

And another one!

Strangely another pump we are told has been turned off by vandals and so the navigation closed!

This time it's the poor Huddersfield Narrow Canal where CaRT reckon vandals have turned off the pump yesterday, Saturday, with the result the pound is empty between locks 12 and 13 Keith Gudgin reports.

It is most strange such an unusual occurrence on two waterways...  And again, I ask, why wasn't it secured?

I wonder where the next one will be...?

Not such good news

Alas, I end once again on not such good news, that over this Bank Holiday there are 15 either restricted or closed navigations to contend with should you be boating.

Victor Swift