Stoppages keep coming

Published: Thursday, 25 August 2022

PLENTY of closures so far this week and not all due to lack of water.

Old Ford Lock on the Lee navigation was closed owing to paddle problems, Keith Gudgin reports.

And the Ashton is still completely closed but this time by the lack of water.  On the Grand Union Berkhamsted Lock is out of action as there are problems with the gates.

GroudedNarrowThe Huddersfield Narrow, like the other northern canals is closed, with the picture clearly showing why.

Due to an unexpected and serious electrical failure, Boston Lock is currently out of action on the Witham, though for some unexplained reason this is listed as a structural failure!

Double trouble on the Kennet & Avon with a pump failure at Crofton again closing the waterway and the summit pound closed through lack of water, but now open again.

Not so lucky

Aylesbury Arm is not so lucky with locks 14 and 15 both to be chained up from the 1st to the 7th of September whilst 'excessive leakage' is attended to, that is now an 'emergency stoppage' as it was cancelled as a winter stoppage when it should have been done out of season.

So normal service is resumed—as they say!