Picked the right time

Published: Wednesday, 03 August 2022

HAVING just returned from a seven weeks cruise down to Oxford and on the Thames it seems we picked the right time to do so, writes Martin Howes.

We had the usual low levels on the Oxford, although I'm sure much of those are due to the lack of dredging, but we were clear of all the restrictions before they come in.

Bankside vegetation

A bigger problem was that for much of the time we felt like extras in the remake of The African Queen with the proliferation of bankside vegetation. (If further unchecked, then maybe it will solve the problem of the widebeams on the North Oxford).

Looking back over the site I see that the virtues of the Llangollen feeding reservoirs were praised, but speaking to someone who moors there, apparently the Dee is not weiring at Horseshoe Falls.

Back on the Shroppie, I think that as long as the good people of Wolverhampton keep drinking (even more in the hot weather), then the Shroppie and the Staffs & Worcs must be the safest canals thanks to Barnhurst Treatment Works.