What a bloody mess!

Published: Monday, 01 August 2022

LET us tell you of the 'Navigation: Closed' examples during July.

Here they are as they occurred, with those caused by lack of water in red—45 in all!

 1 Staff & Worcs—Hyde Lock paddle failure.

 2 Grand UnionCamp Hill Locks paddle failure.

 3 Kennet & AvonCaen Hill Flight water levels too low.

 4 North Stratford—Shirley Draw Bridge repairs.

 5 Rochdalepaddle stuck in open position.

 6 Trent & Mersey—Barton Lock top gate out of its cup.

 7 Grand UnionHanwell Flight repairs. A winter cancellation.

 8 Leeds & Liverpoolemergency repairs to cill of Lock 10.

 9 Leeds & LiverpoolRiley's Swing Bridge needing 'improvements'.

10 Trentpower pack failure at Hazleford Lock.

11 Bridgewater & TauntonOakwood Swing Bridge deterioration.

12 ChesterfieldLime House Lock cancelled winter works.

13 Leeds & LiverpoolLack of water between locks 85 to 89 on Wigan Flight

14 Gloucester & SharpnessFretherne Bridge electrical failure.

15 Aire & CalderWoodlesford Lock with 'unidentified failure'.

16 Trentpower pack failure again at Hazleford Lock.

17 Aire & Calderelectrical issue at Knostropt Lock.

18 Erewash'gates left open' causing low water.

19 Rochdaleno water on Summit Flight.

20 Leeds & Liverpoolno water this time between locks 65 and 86.

21 Leeds & Liverpool—little water on Leigh Branch.

22 Kennet & AvonHigg's Lock out of order.

23 OxfordNo water in pound 29 to 30.

24 OxfordDashwood Lock 'failure'.

25 Pocklingtonlocks 7 to 9 closed through lack of water.

26 Birmingham & Fazeley—paddle failure on Lock 4.

27 Grand Unionneeded work on two Lock 57 paddles.

28 Kennet & AvonCaen Hill pump failure.

29 OuseSelby bridge not operational.

30 Staffs & Worcsfootbridge needs repair closing navigation.

31 Grand UnionKnowle Lock 4 both bottom gate paddles broke.

32 Leeds & LiverpoolBingley Three Rise no water.

33 LeeTottenham Lock low water.

34 Trent & Mersey—Heartbreak Hill closed lack of water

35 Erewash—closed between locks 68 and 69 low water.

36 Chesterfieldlittle water up to the tunnel.

37 Huddersfield Broadclosed through lack of water.

38 Anderton Lift—out of action with a defect.

39 OxfordGrants Lock out of action.

40 CaldonIvyhouse Lift Bridge defective.

41 Bridgwater & TauntonOutwood Swing Bridge out of action.

42 Welford ArmLock 1 paddle failures.

43 Leeds & LiverpoolWigan to Gargrave closed lack of water.

44 Rochdale—completely closed low water.

45 Aire & Calder—broken ram on lock gate.

So 30 waterways were closed through various failures—more than one a day—and 14 through lack of water management.  As the title relates—What a bloody mess!

Our grateful thanks for the effort of Keith Gudgin that enabled us to compile this list.