But is it licenced and insured?

Published: Wednesday, 27 July 2022

IT WAS a strange boat indeed seen cruising the Coventry Canal between Atherstone and Nuneaton.

In fact not really a boat at all but a floating Volkswagen Polo turned into an amphibious vessel and capable of operating on land or water, Roger Fox reports.

BoatswagonBoat Safety Certificate?

Named the 'Boatswagen' it is the brainchild of Charlie Burns and others from Nuneaton. But is it licenced and insured for the waterways?  And how about its Boat Safety Certificate?

The six wheeled amphibious Volkswagen Polo was dubbed the 'Boatswagen', when it was shown at the Henley Show last year.

It was created as a six wheel road and amphibious car made from two Volkswagen Polos welded together and made watertight. As can be imagined it provided quite a stir when seen on the Coventry Canal.