CaRT has the answer

Published: Thursday, 21 July 2022

TIME after time the Erewash Canal is closed through lack of water with Canal & River Trust giving its own reasons.

erewashDrainedTelling it is because lock gates are being left open or it is vandalism, but as our Keith Gudgin explains:

Cannot open at both ends

"CaRT still insist that lock gates being left open are the reason for the pound being empty. You cannot open the gates at both ends of a lock and empty a pound. When will the desk jockeys' realise this?

"Someone needs to tell CaRT that if the lock is the reason that the pound is empty it's because the gates leak so they need to fix it! If it's vandals then they need to fit anti-vandal locks—in both cases they need to stop trying to place the blame on boaters!"

Very well stated indeed!