It's not so wonderful after all

Published: Tuesday, 19 July 2022

HAVING connections in London and access to boaters' social media, etc, I can tell you that there has been a great change of mind about living in a boat in the city, writes T. Lang.

Boat living is not so wonderful after all is the consensus of opinion of many who took this way of life it being so convenient, saving untold thousands in living costs and even the opportunity to move if wanted.

Spoilt all that

Alas the heat-wave has spoilt all that, with moans and groans galore from people who not for one moment realised that living in a steel shell with about one inch of insulation equates to living in an oven when the sun pours down.

The complaints are legion with the internet awash with complaints that they were not told how hot the boat became in a heat wave—obviously not sensible enough to realise that a tin box, with so little insulation will get very hot indeed in the blazing sun.

Many just cannot tolerate the heat knowing that today (Tuesday) will be worse so telling they have either gone to relatives or even into hotels whilst the heat lasts as the boats are 'impossible' to live in.

Going back to 'bricks and mortar'

Needless to say, being told that this weather will become the 'norm', many are telling they are going back to 'bricks and mortar' as 'ovens' are not for them!

I would think that all over the waterways many in the same position will be thinking the same, after all there's not much sense in living where you are suffering and have the possibility of becoming dangerously ill, is there?