Boaters' pet cat had three pellets in its head

Published: Saturday, 16 July 2022

A BOATERS' pet cat was found left unconscious with pellets in its head on the towpath by her boat.

Ann Bellfield who was cruising the Leeds & Liverpool Canal discovered her beloved cat, Melly, had been cruelly shot and left to die, the victim of a horrific attack, Keith Gudgin reports.

Three pellets in her face

Ann Bellfield found her tabby cat lying injured near Granary Wharf in Leeds on Wednesday, and rushing to the vet's was told that her cat had three air gun pellets in her face, and also had injuries which suggested she had also been restrained whilst she was shot.

Spending a very large sum of money on treatment she was relieved to learn that her seven years old cat had survived but was heartbroken at what it had suffered telling she was 'boiling with rage' at why someone would do such a thing to a defenceless animal.

Very friendly

She remarking that Melly is very friendly and when people walk past she'll walk up to them and purr and wrap herself around their legs being a very gentle soul, but is different now.

The family of Ann, her cat and dog are now back on their narrowboat, they having recently completed a cruise of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.