Protest against state of Sankey Canal

Published: Wednesday, 13 July 2022

HUNDREDS turned out on Saturday to support the 'Save our Sankey Canal', demonstration.

This was against the backdrop of the drained canal that had been allowed to get into this condition by Halton Council, that is responsible for operating and maintaining the short waterway, Roger Fox reports.

SankeyJuly22The waterway connects from the Mersey and now terminates at St. Helens and is regarded as the first industrial canal having been opened in 1757.

Sail boats

It is used for sail boats that moor along its length—when there is water!

Councillor Mike Wharton, Leader of Halton Borough Council, explained at the demonstration:

“I do hear and understand your concerns. I want to assure you again of the council’s long term commitment to both the Sankey Canal and Spike Island and to finding solutions to the current issues.

“Local interest groups have been invited to meet with senior council officers, so that the officers can listen to the groups' concerns and for information to be shared about previous efforts and current plans to address the issues."