Hot weather stops bridges swinging—and more!

Published: Monday, 11 July 2022

THE swing bridges on the Weaver Navigation are having problems—they cannot swing in the hot weather!

Not sure how many are effected as the notice states 'Starts At: Sutton Swingbridge'. 'Ends At: Newbridge Swing Bridge', Keith Gudgin reports.

The hot weather it seems prevents them being swung safely.

Low of water

There is a lack of water on the Erewash between Langley Mill and Trent Lock that is making navigation difficult.

There is also low level in the Chesterfield Canal low water levels between Bracebridge Lock and Kilton Lock that starts at Bridge 44 and ends at Lock 51.

The last of the 'afternoon' notices concerns Hazleford Lock on the Trent that again is out of action, the second time this month with an 'unexpected fault with a power pack'.  Can't be attended to yet as the 'team' are busy at Gunthorpe Lock.

Afternoon notices

That concludes Keith's report of problems today, but why the new 'afternoon' notices from Canal & River Trust is not known, as it does not hide four closures reported.