All locks chained-up on two canals

Published: Friday, 24 June 2022

THE Canal & River Trust has virtually closed down two canals today, Friday.

By chaining-up all the locks on both the Peak Forest and Macclesfield canals it has virtually closed-down the two waterways.

Could be closed for months

It tells it is a 'temporary decision' but at this time of the year with little rainfall expected the canals could be closed-off for months.

Lack of water is of course the reason with the blame on the failed Toddbrook Reservoir being out of action, due, it may be remembered to its lack of maintenance causing its embankment to fail, though the Peak Forest, Ashton  and Macclesfield canals are usually supplied with water by four reservoirs.

Bosley Reservoir too, needing 'essential maintenance work' over the winter is without its normal capacity so is not supplying water to the waterways.

Can cruise between locks

Though restrictions were previously implemented, the normal constant leaking at so many locks proved too much, so now they are closed, though the trust maintain that boaters are able to cruise the stretches between the closed locks

It is not stated if the Marple Flight on the Ashton Canal that connects with the Peak Forest and Macclesfield is also chained-up, but this canal too takes water from the same reservoirs. If so this means boaters above Bosley Flight on the Macclesfield and Peak Forest are trapped.