New bylaws will make Avon moorings more peaceful

Published: Friday, 24 June 2022

NEW byelaws likely to be approved in Stratford-up-on Avon, which cover the areas used by moorers, will make it much more peaceful.

Outdated byelaws controlling the type of activities allowed on the Bancroft Gardens, including the basin and river moorings are to be updated, Roger Fox reports.

New regulations

The new regulations will ban cycling, bathing, ball games and throwing missiles, and more significantly for boaters, motorbikes could be prevented from parking on certain areas by the river; no vehicles, no fires, no camping, no skateboards and no flying drones or model aircraft.

It is thought the outdated byelaws do not reflect the modern age, with the radical changes discussed by district councillors back in January and now approved by the Secretary of State.

Following the committee’s approval, the proposal will be opened up for comments from members of the public before going before the full council for final approval.