'Persistant leak' restricts Rochdale after pump installed

Published: Friday, 24 June 2022

THE river pump has been replaced on the Rochdale and the navigation reopened—but...

There is a persistent leak through the head gate of Lock 7 so the lock will only be available from 9am to 3pm daily, Keith Gudgin reports.

Reduces risk

This is to ensure that it reduces the risk of low water levels returning and again closing locks 7 to 19 at Hebden Bridge.

It is expected that a 'suitable repair will be established' after investigation, but in the meantime the lock will be chained up out of those hours, and there is a possibility of closure should the leakage be too persistent.

This time vandals are not being blamed!


The summit in now closed to navigation through lack of water and once again vandals are blamed—but of course no details!