Another Rochdale stoppage makes it risky to cruise

Published: Thursday, 23 June 2022

THIS is the first time ever in over 20 years that we have suggested a canal is 'risky' to cruise, but have no option as regards to the Rochdale Canal.

For yet again another stoppage, making five this month alone, and mostly due to leakages resulting in water levels too low to cruise.  This time locks 65 to 81 at Newton Heath are unnavigable, Keith Gudgin reports.


There have now been three instances of low water levels closing the waterway this month and two concerning paddles not working. Often the excuse of vandals or boaters leaving paddles open are given, but of course it is really down to leakage as boaters using the navigation are only too aware.

At least the failed water pump resulting in locks 7 to 16 has been replaced, though the pounds are listed as 'Navigation: Closed' whilst the water levels come up to normal.


Navigation has resumed between locks 65 to 81, but alas the other stoppages prevent them being reached!