Major repairs required for Anderton Boat Lift

Published: Thursday, 23 June 2022

THE recent repairs to Anderton Boat Lift disclosed excessive wear on the seals of the west ram which has damaged the ram coating.

This means that the west ram can no longer be used resulting in reduced passages for boats to and from the Weaver.

AndertonEarlyRisks permanent damage

It is thought that continued use risks permanent damage to the ram which may result in the requirement for a complete replacement, Keith Gudgin reports.

This problem was identified recently as part of the feasibility work that Canal & River Trust is undertaking into a major refurbishment of the boat lift.

Such a refurbishment will mean the lift will be completely out of action for a long period, but it is not understood if this will take place shortly in the present boating season or the lift will operate at reduced capacity until the winter months. The narrowboatworld photograph shows the lift being rebuilt in 2001.

Lasted 20 years

The lift was originally opened in 1875 and closed in 1983 mainly due to corrosion with the then lack of demand with a life of over 100 years. It was virtually rebuilt and re-opened in 2002—and lasted just 20 years.

Passages are still being booked, but should these not be possible people will be contacted. Should you want to cancel a booking call 0303 040 4040.