Fun and games on the Weaver

Published: Saturday, 18 June 2022

IT'S ALL fun and games down on the Weaver, writes David Collins.

Ticket2The ghost ship Danny is getting through bridges no problem. This weekend it went through Winnington again. The bridge that can't be swung, but it can be, but hold on it can't be.  Just have to wait until 1st July for next update.

Bridge can't swing

Danny really is a ghost ship! Or the bridges are the ghost's. It's moved to Acton from the Anderton Boat Lift or is it back at the Anderton Boat Lift? Oh it can't be, surely Winnington Bridge can't swing 'it's broken'.

But it can get through Sutton according to latest update. As the good news is it's fixed. Oh hold on, but now it's broken with a different issue so it can't get through as it's now broken.

So let's get this clear. Sutton Bridge is fixed but its broken. Winnington Bridge is not broken. But it is broken.

Hayhurst Bridge is broken. Yard Bridge is broken.

Half boat lift broken

Only Half of the Anderton Boat Lift is working, the other half is broken.

Oh me thinks CaRT is broken and very much broken.

As advised by Cart I shall stay up on the Trent & Mersey, as not all of that is broken—Yet!!!

And more!

Other things that could be added to the list is after chatting with a volunteer lock keeper they informed us that also on the Weaver:

Dutton Small Lock broken.
Saltersford Small Lock broken.
Saltersford Big Lock nearly broken.
Hunts Big Lock can't be used (silted).
Hunts Small Lock hard to operate.
Vale Royal Big Lock can't be used.