Seven closures over the past two days

Published: Wednesday, 15 June 2022

THERE have been seven  'Navigation: Closed' notices over the past two days.

Boarshaw Lock (60) on the Rochdale is closed due to a paddle making the lock inoperable, but once a 'method of repair' has been created, there is hope of a temporary repair.

Swing bridge

On the Leeds & Liverpool, Bar Lane Swing Bridge is 'not operational', but no reason given.

Another Rochdale closure with locks 36 to 45 on Summit Flight locked-off owing to 'low water levels'.

Trent & Mersey closed for the day by finally the installation of a buffer plate on lock 74.

Low water again

Back on Leeds & Liverpool, Leigh Branch locks 1 and 2 are closed 'due to low water in the Westwood pound'.

The summit pound of the Grand Union is closed at Lock 57, again due to water resources.

Another swing bridge on the Leeds & Liverpool—Spencers with its usual 'structure failure', though boats allowed through for a time.

In the cases of 'low water' vandals were blamed in every one of the three stoppages...

Quickly repaired

The good news is that Spencers Swing Bridge and Bar Lane Swing Bridge on the Leeds & Liverpool were both quickly repaired.

The number of 'Navigation: Closed' notices this month has now reached 18 yet only the 15th of the month!