It is hard to believe

Published: Friday, 06 May 2022

IT IS indeed hard to believe that there were 29 stoppages on the waterways in one month, writes T. Lang.

In the 20 odd years of boating I would never have believed that they could be neglected so much that it needed that number of stoppages in a single month, and at the worst time ever—the start of the season.

Now would be the time

In the old days of British Waterways now would be the time its engineers would be packing up their tools and equipment after a busy winter maintenance, with the entire system in top condition for us boaters to enjoy, with absolutely no worry of being held-up anywhere.

Oh! But I forgot there are no longer any engineers, there are now 'outside' contractors, and neither are there any tools or equipment—they have been sold off!

Alas, the waterways and us boaters are far down the list of importance, it is insects, butterflies, water voles, gardens and such like that are now so important.

Cause havoc

Not forgetting the cyclists who are pandered to at every turn with our towpaths being turned into brand new fast cycle tracks to cause havoc, all for free, unlike us poor boaters who are clobbered more and still more.

So where will it end?  I believe we all know that, and I'm sure to be joining them, as it's no fun any more.