Rochdale stoppage could be a long job

Published: Friday, 06 May 2022

DEPENDING on contractors these days, the stoppage on the Rochdale could be a long job.

The stoppage at Newton Heath last month was described as a 'blown cill' at Lock 72, Keith Gudgin reports.

The problem

It would appear that the concrete 'apron' holding the cill could be the problem, upon first examination.

The lock is due to be dewatered and scaffolding installed next Wednesday the 11th, with a workboat arriving on site.

Then, we are informed, there will be a better understanding of the works required, and the timescale of the repairs, once the lock is dewatered and the contractors can enter the lock to complete a full assessment.

In the meantime the Rochdale Canal is closed between locks 65 to 81.