Another hole carries on the Ripon saga

Published: Thursday, 28 April 2022

THE contractors repairing Oxclose Lock on the Ripon Canal have come up with another hole!

Time and time again 'another' hole is given as a reason/excuse for failing to complete the repair, and it has occurred yet again with yesterday, Wednesday, it being announced that yet another hole has been discovered.

OxcloseLockAstronomical coast

It all started way back last year with one hole but others keep being 'found' to prevent the repair and keep the contractors dragging the work on, at what must now be an astronomical cost. (Image by Pennine Waterways.)

After work on the first hole it was after Christmas that another hole was discovered and work then took three months(!) with the promise of Easter opening, that did not happen.

Then we had the strange notice from Canal & River Trust—We are hoping to have an update potentially Friday or Monday, where we will have a further insight of the type of passage that it will be after the works done this week.

No opening

But nothing happened and there was no opening of the lock, only the notice of still another hole, whilst the moorers in Ripon Marina are left with the vagaries of the trust as to being allowed movement through the lock.

Boaters in the marina are wondering how many more holes are going to be found to keep the contractors in work—and as we stated—at what cost?