The Cox on the rocks again

Published: Thursday, 28 April 2022

THE Coxhead Swing Bridge is still gunning for first place in the swing bridge failures list, Keith Gudgin tells us!

It broke down yesterday, Wednesday, it being about the time to break again, having been operating okay since February, lasting two months, but it has a way to go to beat Winkwell Swing Bridge on the Grand Union that gave up the ghost nine times in one season, but with two failures already for Coxhead it could make it!

CoxheadLLA meeting

At one time there was a meeting held at the bridge at one failure to determine the fault of the operating system, but as there have been more failures since, it obviously was not discovered.

Or was it? For on Social Media there is a deal of thinking that the contractors like the bridges breaking down, as it gives them a couple of days in the country every time the bridges fail, and they know exactly what to do to get them going again—for a few months!

With of course one of two reasons/excuses given by the trust—either an 'operating fault', as in this case, or 'damaged by a boat' when it wants to share the blame.


That was quick—we are told the situation has been resolved and the bridge now working.