Why more Bosley restrictions this season?

Published: Wednesday, 27 April 2022

I JUST cannot understand why there are more restrictions on the Bosley Flight of the Macclesfield Canal this season? Asks Graham Patney.

BosleyReservoirThe Toddbrook Reservoir, that feeds the canals collapsed in 2019, three years ago, yet there were no such restrictions as are being promised and now implemented for this season's boating. Yet Bosley (pictured) has its own massive reservoir that feeds the canal above Bosley Top Lock.

Water still flows

Though Toddbrook is standing empty, the water still flows, as it always does, and you can see water coming into the top of the Peak Forest Canal at Whaley Bridge by the shed at the wharf, and there is Combs Reservoir too that surely supplies enough for the limited traffic on this dead-end.

I realise a flowing stream cannot compare with a reservoir in times of drought, but why were there not the restrictions during the previous years that are being implemented now?

I learn it was on Monday of this week that the Canal & River Trust brought in openings of Bosley of only two days a week with the proviso that it will be closed completely if we have a dry June! 

Hire companies

But why now and not in the past few years that Toddbrook has been out of action? And what of the poor hire companies that are going to get their boats stuck, as new hirers will not be able to calculate getting to the flight when it is open, so boats will be stranded and thus other hirers without a boat.