What a difference

Published: Wednesday, 20 April 2022

I TOO was boating at the time Victor tells about being able to enjoy the northern canals, but what a difference now, writes T. Lang.

And I too enjoyed those canals, being moored at Anderton and with certainly no worry about being able to get back to the marina by stoppages, there weren't any, as boaters using the waterways then can well testify, the reason being simple, British Waterways in charge at that time made sure everything was in good working order and would last the season.

'Wait until it breaks'

With all the many stoppages it is obvious to all that the 'wait until it breaks' policy is alive and well, but alas not very well for us boaters as there must be literally thousands held up by the never ending stoppages, as I have, as my log shows.

The northern canals now being very much the 'poor relation', I moved from Anderton further south along the Trent & Mersey, but though that section does not suffer so many stoppages, its connecting canals certainly do, so have to be very careful.