Indifference from Canal & River Trust

Published: Saturday, 16 April 2022

I MOVED my boat to a new mooring on the Llangollen this week, writes Amy Dickerson.

I have been busy updating various organisations of my change of address and mooring. Luckily I changed my details with CRT before I left my previous mooring.

Access every organisation but CRT

I have been able to access every organisation on the internet apart from CRT. I phoned CRT yesterday and was met with indifference. The person I spoke to kept saying it wasn’t their problem as he could access their website. I am in Wem in Shropshire at the moment, and guess what, I still can’t access their website.

I suggest CRT should treat boaters with respect and investigate this problem. For them life is better by the water, for me life is better on the water.

CRT don’t expect me to display my new licence as I will not be able to download it. While you are at it, change my Stoppage Notices to the Llangollen Canal only.