Rubbish bin replacements

Published: Friday, 01 April 2022

IN A JOINT joint statement, both CaRT and the EA have announced that in order to reduce fly-tipping at their boaters rubbish compounds they intend replacing all their bins with restricted access waste compactor skips. Reports Keith Gudgin.

They will be embarking on a scheme to install locked waste compactor skips at all boaters rubbish bin sites!

Reduce waste

EA spokesperson, Dubnový Blázen, told that the intention was to reduce the amount of fly tipped waste at their various sites.

Access to to the skips will be via the standard pre-paid pump-out card that can be purchased from CaRT or EA outlets or online. She stated that the charge per individual rubbish deposit will vary depending upon demand at the individual site but will be set at no more than £5 a time.

The first compactors will be installed at the CaRT sites at Fradley on the Trent & Mersey Canal and Sutton Cheney on the Ashby Canal and the EA sites at Teddington and Shepperton locks on the Thames. She also told that some existing sites will not accommodate a compactor so alternative sites will be found for these.

Electric power

She went on to say that the scheme will progress as fast as they are able to get power cables installed to provide the electric power to operate the compactor!

CCTV will also be installed at various sites to enable them to prosecute fly-tippers including anyone who just dumps their rubbish next to the skip and does not dispose of it properly in the compactor. Also, as at present, batteries and oil etc will still not be allowed to be disposed of in the compactors.

The initial cost of the scheme will be around £85 millions with an estimated annual running cost of £950,000. CaRT and the EA have managed to attract a sponsor for the scheme, a wealthy Maltese businessman, a Mr. Mhux Cans, who says he is passionate about reducing fly-tipping and he is happy that his sponsorship means the scheme can progress as planned and have an immediate effect.