The reason why

Published: Monday, 28 March 2022

I FIND it difficult to understand why you give credence to the National Bargees Travellers Association who proclaim what is obviously illegal, writes Arthur Grant.

You featured the association's march on the trust's London headquarters that was mounted to basically complain about continuous cruisers having to move every 14 days and decrying the fact!

Move every 14 days

You obviously know that continuous cruisers (of which I am one) are required to move every 14 days, yet the article you included from the bargees told of it objection to one of its members who moored for six months in one place on such a licence then objected as the other mooring where the member also stayed for six months had a 'no mooring' sign.

Then on Sunday we were treated to Victor, to use your own words—telling it like it is.  So why give the bargees the publicity in the first place?

[We feel everyone should have the opportunity to present their case.This is freedom of expression, that alas is very much in decline these days. At least others, as they have done, have the opportunity to respond. Editor]