Boaters being hard hit by fuel cost increases

Published: Monday, 14 March 2022

IT IS not only marina based boaters that are being hit by higher fuel prices, but particularly continuous cruisers.

Marina based live-aboards particularly are already feeling the pinch by the soaring electricity charges, but continuous cruisers who rely so much on bottled gas are facing astronomical increases as bottled gas prices are not controlled by Ofgem as is mains gas, which itself is reaching unheard of costs due to its shortage owing to the current restrictions on the Russian supply.

Expected to keep increasing

The price of smokeless coal too, used by many continuous cruisers, is costing more and expected to keep increasing.

Whilst the price of red diesel is also matching the price rises at garage pumps that is virtually increasing daily, it all piling on the pressure.

The only hope is that a warm summer will cut the need for much heating and that eventually prices will return to something like before that madman was let loose.