How can a boat kill 100 fish?

Published: Thursday, 20 January 2022

I FIND it ridiculous to believe that a passing boat, even a broad one, could kill 100 fish, writes David Grant.

We actually moor our boat on the Aire & Calder not far from where the incident was supposed to have taken place, and even though I can accept (only too willingly) that it needs dredging, even if there was no room for fish under the boat (which means it would not then be able to move!) it is very wide and fish could easily escape down the side of said boat.

Will dart to one side

As an angler I am well aware of how a fish can dart, having seen them often enough, and no fish is going to stay in the middle of the water whilst a boat comes towards it, it will of course dart to one side, as it does when a normal boat (either narrow or broad) goes past, and there are no hundreds of dead fish when they pass, none it fact.

It is all sheer baloney that a boat goes past and kills 100 fish and just in one place, not littered along the whole of its passage, just the one place.  Who ever thought up this load of tripe and expect sensible people to believe it is certainly lacking something.

Seems like another case of pollution to me.