Electricity supply handed over

Published: Wednesday, 05 January 2022

Referring to the article concerning electricity supply sub contractors, Andrew Bailes adds:

The bollards and electricity supply were handed-over to DVR-RCM, Metermacs' parent company, in 2015. Until then we had been able to use the national household electricity providers.

Not covered by price cap

I missed out a couple of pertinent points in my account (written in haste and in anger): the electricity itself is purchased by CRT and sold to us through Metermacs—this means that we are also not covered by the price cap, though I doubt many boaters will draw sufficient electricity to reach that limit.

Our price per KWH was increased by 50% at the beginning of December, with the reassurance that CRT as a whole had agreed a set price for the next two years.

I guess that this covers all electricity used by the trust, and probably represents a big dent in their budget for the next couple of years and has some bearing on the 'emergency' that is preventing routine maintenance from being carried out.