Railway bridge work could cause Coventry Canal restrictions

Published: Thursday, 09 December 2021

RECONSTRUCTION works to a railway bridge could have an impact on Coventry Canal navigation.

RailwayBrNuneatonThe railway bridge over the Coventry Canal in Nuneaton is in need of reconstruction work with planning permission expected to be given, Roger Fox reports.

Permission is needed

Special permission is needed, as the planned works exceed the height and width clearance required under the London and Birmingham Railway Coventry and Nuneaton Act 1846.

This will mean extensive work on the bridge that is in poor condition, and needs a great deal of work that will require 'propping', the existing parapets replacing, and a crane would be needed with the area having to be cordoned off.

It is most likely that there will have to be navigation restrictions with the work being carried out over the waterway.