Positions NOT redundant if still being done by volunteers

Published: Wednesday, 01 December 2021

IN DEFENCE of Victor I have to say that I feel it to be a fact that unpaid volunteers are doing the work that was once done by paid staff, writes John Coxon.

It might not be the fault of the volunteers but, in my opinion, it most certainly is the fault of BW/CaRT!

Replaced with unpaid volunteers

They have systematically sacked all their linesmen, lock/bridge keepers, etc and replaced them with unpaid volunteers with the sole intention of saving money.

They even contacted some of the ex-workers they sacked and asked them if they would like to come back and do their old job as an unpaid volunteer! You can imagine some of the answers they got!

You cannot state that a position is redundant then place a volunteer in the same position as this shows clearly that the position itself is most definitely not redundant and it is obvious that this ruse is being used by CaRT as an excuse to just get rid of the paid workers to save money!

Sacked experience staff to save money

Unpalatable it maybe, but, whichever way you look at it, these inexperienced un-paid volunteers are most certainly doing the work that was once being done by very experienced paid staff before CaRT sacked them to save money.

The original job is still there but now being staffed for free!