Victor asks what's going on?

Published: Sunday, 21 November 2021

WHAT'S going on indeed? I have to ask.

Five notices have been issued that five winter stoppages have been cancelled on five different canals—Trent & Mersey, Ashton, Huddersfield, Grand Union and Leeds & Liverpool.

The excuse being, and here I quote: ...of arising emergency works elsewhere on the network. We apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused.

This makes a mockery of that rosy picture as painted by Richard Parry’s recent promotional video, proclaiming all the winter work getting the waterways in ordereh?

And I really can't see how not having a stoppage causes inconvenience!  Daft buggers!

Don't rely on them

Those continuous cruisers who like to find an extended stoppage to sit behind and use as an excuse for not moving had better re-check their plans this winter.

With five winter stoppages already cancelled, and perhaps more to follow, they had better keep a good check on the stoppage notices or they'll find themselves without the excuse for not moving that they expected!

Makes you wonder if that impressive list of winter stoppages was just that—to impress. We will see what the promised update brings...

The lack of rain could help

With more and more warnings of the lack of rain closing the waterways—the latest are the Cape Locks on the Grand Union at Warwick we are told yet againperhaps those continuos cruisers wanting a sit-in for the winter could choose where there are water shortages.

After all, our weather being as it is, there is no certainlyespecially with the leakagesof the situation improving..

Not mentioned

Referring to that promotional video, I have been reliably informed by a boater who suffered the whole blarney (his words!) that there was something missing.

There was no condolences for all the families of all those people who have drowned in the waterways. 

With there being so many I would have thought it not unreasonable for a few kind words from the boss-man that could possibly ease their grief.

I don't get it

I agree with Martin Howes that everyone has the option of taking out insurance to cover the eventuality of stoppages. In this day and age it would seem a sensible thing to do.

Perhaps I am missing something, but I just don't see the connection of a stoppage on the waterways having any relation to 'a hold-up due to road works or anything similar on the roads'.

Unless there is a winding hole very near, you cannot just turn around and you certainly cannot get to where you need to be.  Whilst if on a road you can usually turn around or there is an alternative route available or more often than not you can find an alternative.


We are told by Manchester University in its plan for the canals to help climate change that there are already 10,000 homes powered by canal hydro schemes.

I don't think so. For the only hydro electric schemes are on rivers—there just is not enough flowing through the canals to power such turbines, that's for sure.

Victor Swift