Boaters reunited with cat after ten years!

Published: Friday, 19 November 2021

IT WAS way back in 2011 that Colin Clayton and Eva Bellamy lost their cat from their narrowboat.

No sign

They were moored at Fradley on their honeymoon with their cat 'Big Ginge' hopping off and on their boat, but when they came to depart there was no sign of him though they spent five days searching the entire area,

BigGringeSo they had little option but to leave without him and return home to Birmingham, but registered him as missing.

Imagine their surprise when this month they received a call—ten years later—that he had been found in Lichfield as a stray. (Picture by Colin clayton Cats Protection.)


The cat had ventured into a man's flat, who fed him and earned the cat's trust who had reported Big Gringe to the Cats Protection, Lichfield and Tamworth branch, with it discovering it had been microchipped, and so were able to ascertain the owners.

So ten years later they were united, with Big Gringe recognising its owners, and perhaps happy to settle down.