Three more locks broken!

Published: Friday, 12 November 2021

THE trend continues with three more locks reported out of order.

Regents Canal

The first reported is City Road Lock (5) on the Regent's Canal closed yesterday with its bottom sluice gate stuck open, Keith Gudgin reports, but hopefully should soon be attended to.

Another on the Lee Navigation, Enfield Lock (13), that needs to be repaired as the bottom gate is not functioning properly.  So at least we have a reason for the stoppage.

The Soar again

It is back to the Soar again for the third stoppage with Thurmaston Lock (45) with our being told another misleading reason:

There is a maintenance issue at Thurmaston Lock and it is jammed shut.

That we are to understand a gate is jammed shut—hardly the lock!  And so it goes on...


Quick work with Thurmaston Lock on the Soar, now sorted and reopened.