Water shortages closed two canals

Published: Wednesday, 10 November 2021

THE Grand Union Canal is closed near Saltisford Arm due to low water.

And the Rochdale Nine is closed (yet again) this time also through water shortage, Keith Gudgin reports.

Entire section closed

This means the entire section between locks 65 and 81 through Manchester is closed to navigation with no intimation of its opening.

The Grand Union is closed at Warwick from the bottom lock of the two Cape Locks, though we are not informed to where, but Roger Fox tells it is most likely between Cape Top and Hatton Bottom which is where the Saltisford Arm joins the main line. The Cape locks are not the most watertight on the system!

In this case there is some intimation of its opening, but only that there will be an update on Friday.


The Rochdale is now open as water levels increased, but no certainty if can be kept navigable.