'Terryfying assault' as woman slung into Rochdale Canal

Published: Saturday, 30 October 2021

THE towpaths attacks, particularly on women are reaching worrying proportions

Grabbed by a man

Yesterday. Friday, a female jogger on the Rochdale Canal was grabbed by a man who literally slung her into the waterway, Keith Gudgin reports.

This occurred without any warning, as the 42 years old woman was jogging on the towpath by Gorrels Way Bridge in Rochdale.

Overcame her

And though she vainly fought back, struggling with the man, he eventually overcame her and slung her into the water then running away not caring if she drowned or escaped.

She managed to climb out of the water telling that the terrifying experience left her feeling 'violated and scared', the police explained, stating that they will 'absolutely not tolerate this behaviour'.

The police have launched a manhunt as a result of this, what is described as a' terrifying assault', that occurred at 6pm on Tuesday of this week.

Third such attack this week

This is the third such attack on the towpaths this week.