A 'heaven' for muggers and the like

Published: Monday, 11 October 2021

BY NO LONGER mowing to the waters' edge, CaRT is creating a 'heaven' for muggers and the like, writes Alice Trenhale.

2 canal somewhereWhat it is actually creating is a 'tunnel' where those up to no good can operate without being observed, as no longer will there be the clear vistas where people can see for miles and thus inhibit attacks that are becoming so frequent, and so will get worse.

Assaulting with impunity

As a lone woman boater gone are the days when I could take my small dog for walks along any towpath without fear, for the high vegetation on both sides give shelter for muggers and pushing old people—and now young girls—into the water and assaulting them with impunity, as there is little chance of their being seen.

Little wonder there are so many complaints of this ill-thought out scheme of no longer mowing to the waters edge, especially with the absolutely ridiculous reason given that it is for the benefit of insects!  They must think we are all stupid as it is obviously a way of saving costs, that will most likely be spent on non-waterway schemes.