Boater injured stepping onto unmown towpath

Published: Friday, 08 October 2021

THE National Association of Boat owners (NABO) too is concerned about CaRT's mowing plans.

MonBrecRecently the wife of a NABO council member fell in a hidden hole when stepping off their boat to moor in to who knows what in the wilderness that used to be a towpath on the Mon & Brec, a spokesperson for the association writes.

Sustained significant injury

She sustained significant injury. Many parts of previously useable towpath have already become no mooring areas with reed beds encroaching as well as tall nettles, grasses and shrubbery obscuring the edges.

If we all carry shears or strimmers to do CaRT's job for them, we still have to negotiate the danger of getting off first! No wonder there continues to be such a poor result on CaRT's boater satisfaction surveys.