The most leaking lock—3

Published: Monday, 04 October 2021

BOATER Martin Turner certainly started something when he suggested showing the lock that leaks the most.

Leaks3Other boaters are picking-up on the suggestion with the latest from regular contributor Roger Fox.

Stockton flight

He has forwarded us a photograph he took on the Stockton Flight on the northern Grand Union.

As  can be seen water is pouring out of the gates, which could be held in the lock, but unlikely as that most likely will also be leaking, or all too often, the paddles not properly down.

Little wonder of the all too often cry from Canal & River Trust of the shortage of water, when so many leaking gates allow it to be washed over the overflows and wasted into streams and rivers.

[We are inviting boaters to send in their own photographs of leaking locks, with of course their own comments if desired.]