Terrible state of the Llangollen Canal

Published: Monday, 04 October 2021

HAVING just returned from a cruise to Llangollen we have experienced first hand the growth of vegetation along both sides of the canal, writes Brian Dearden.

Tree growth horrendous

We last cruised the Llangollen before lockdown, and the tree growth along both sides of the canal is now horrendous. The number of times we encountered a boat on a blind corner obscured by trees and bushes was unbelievable. Not cutting the towpath at the waters edge also has damaged the Armco piling, the trees and bushes growing between the piling forcing the Armco apart in some cases.

Locks on the Llangollen are in a terrible state, with paddles taped up and no oil applied to the mechanisms making them impossible for my wife to open. One particularly bad lock is Badilly No 2, with one paddle taped up which was like this on our last trip two years ago!

Took four people to open gate

The bottom gate leaking that badly that it is impossible to open the top gate!, even with two people. It actually took four people on the way up to open it. On the way back, early morning there was only me and my wife trying to open the dammed thing.

By rocking and bouncing on the the top gate a pushing like mad, allowed more water to enter the lock and after a struggle managed to open it. The boat following, I think would have to wait for another boat to help.

It used to be such a pleasure to cruise this canal, we used to cruise it at least twice a year, not any more, don't think we will be returning soon!