Will not be any canals left

Published: Thursday, 14 October 2021

SO WE have 30 years to get all the boats electric the government tells us, writes T. Lang.

The government need not worry for the way the waterways are going there will not be any left in 30 years!

Gave it up

I had the idea of going back over June, July and August to see just how many stoppages there were over the three months, but soon gave it up as a bad job.  Perhaps someone else  will make the effort!

Headlines such as '13 stoppages in one week' rather set the trend that worked out at two stoppages a day, and as we surely must be aware, most were through lack of maintenance of 200 years old structures that certainly need maintenance.

In an attempt to be fair, I have to relate that some stoppages were quickly dealt with by that CaRT team, though alas many were not, especially on the Rochdale and Leeds & Liverpool and left to contractors, who always seem to need a week to complete even a small repair.