The lock that leaks the most

Published: Monday, 20 September 2021

BOATER Martin Turner has an interesting suggestion regarding the many leaking locks.

GloucesterLock2He suggests a leaking lock competition, telling:

Let's find the lock gates that leak the most. When you have all the results then forward all to Canal & River Trust.

Now known as 'Gloucester Falls'

I will start it with two photos of Gloucester Lock now known as 'Gloucester Falls'.

The lock is 10ft deep and approx 250ft long. Fills up in no time without opening the paddles. The first photo is of one gate taken last week.

The second below is just as bad. The second photo taken six weeks ago shows the deterioration in that time. The noise of the falls can be heard a long way from the lock.

Drains the canal water

The lock is Gloucester Lock at the end of the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal in Gloucester, where it drains the canal water into the Severn.

The problem has been reported but nothing happens. The wood is completely gone in places and getting worse. This is a large lock and I believe the leak is so bad as to be dangerous even though the lock has a full time lock keeper.