Weaver services open at last

Published: Monday, 23 August 2021

IT WAS way back on the 1st of March that the Weaver services was closed for four weeks for repair.

The pump-out at the Town Bridge Customer Services at Northwich on the river had broken with Canal & River Trust telling it would take four weeks to get it working again, Keith Gudgin reports.

Not to be

But alas, it was not to be, as it took 12 published updates giving a variety of reasons why is was not back in service, including the usual 'design stage' and 'continued discussion'.

Then we were told the services would be open on the 28th of April.

But it was not.  So started a 'continued discussion with the contractors', that went on and on until in June we were told a delivery was being awaited.

24 weeks

And being awaited ever since, until last Friday, the 20th of August—after 24 weeks, the services are open.

Surely British Waterways would have discovered a different source, and certainly not had it closed for 24 weeks.