No damage to Rochdale Canal lock floor

Published: Thursday, 19 August 2021

THERE is the chance that the closed Lock 13 on the Rochdale Canal could soon re-open.

It has been discovered that there is no damage to the lock floor as was expected, Keith Gudgin reports.

Both tail gates dropped

This was Callis Lock at Todmorden were it was discovered that both the tail gates had dropped so it was thought the floor had given way that would have resulted in a long stoppage for its repair.

But the dewatering of the lock followed by a preliminary inspection shows that there doesn't seem to be any visible damage to the floor itself.

So a plan is being put in place to lift the gates out next week when a full investigation will be carried out as to the state of the pot and pins arrangements on the gates. The necessary repairs required can then be considered.

End of July

The stoppage occurred at the end of July, with various decisions taking place in the meantime and then the area de-watered to allow an inspection of the problem.

The eventual re-opening depends on what is discovered when the gates are lifted for the more detailed inspection.