Fourth boat caught on cill

Published: Tuesday, 17 August 2021

ANOTHER boat has caught on a cill and sunk in a lock.

This time a boat has sunk in Lock 92 on the Rochdale Nine at Castlefield, closing this waterway for the third time having caught on the cill.

Closed for third time

It has been closed for weeks over the failure of two locks and though open at last a sunken boat closes it, for the third time again preventing boaters' access.

It the past few weeks it was the sinking on the Erewash at Eastwood that started the run, followed by one sunk at Stenson Lock on the Trent & Mersey, and now one at Lock 92 on the Rochdale.  And before this one was caught on the cill meeting the same fate at Bradford Lock on the Kennet & Avon.

Holidays ruined

This means four families have had their holidays ruined, as in most cases the sinkings are by hirers not realising the danger of having their boats at the back of the lock when descending and so caught on the cill, and then not knowing that an immediate closing of the bottom gate paddles would prevent an actual sinking.

Yet in response to our all too often suggestion for better information the trust turns a blind eye, allowing more and more boats to sink, that could easily be prevented by a simple—and honest—notice stating the danger of the cill and instructing boaters to keep their craft towards the bottom gates when descending.