Do they know what they are doing?

Published: Friday, 13 August 2021

WHEN I read the statements given out these days on repairs I wonder if the contractors know what they are doing, writes T. Lang.

The one this week stating they are considering a 'plan of repair' and in the past we have had 'establishing a method of repair', and suchlike statements, but surely if those people knew what they are doing they would surely know the method for all repairs.

Lifting a gate out

One referred to lifting a gate out, but why is a 'plan or method of repair', needed to lift a gate out? Thousands of gates have been lifted out in the past 200 odd years.  One instance was that the lock was under the building on the Rochdale Nine, but any idiot must know a modern crane would be no use under the limited height, it would need a simple 'A' frame and block and tackle as our ancestors used all the time. No plan or method was required.

It is obvious that there are two teams these days—the ones of CaRT who flit from stoppage to stoppage sorting out the problems rather quickly and the contractors that have to consider the 'plan or method' before anything can be done, that then usually lasts for a week!  At least!