The Ratcliffe Lock saga continues

Published: Thursday, 29 July 2021

RATCLIFFE Lock on the Leicester Section is closed yet again.

It is the same two problems of the build-up of silt and being unable to equalise the water in the lock as previously.

Badly damaged

Canal & River Trust River state this first lock, where the Soar meets the Trent, is suffering 'the combination of the build-up of silt and to[o] much force being used to operate the lock', adding that one of the lock gates is now very badly damaged and at an angle, which means the lock can no longer be operated.

But our inspection of these gates on Tuesday found no damage whatsoever—only very worn bottom gates that were allowing so much water to escape it was difficult to equalise when filling the lock.

No damage here either

As the lock was empty the top gates too were sound with no sign of any damage, and none of the gates were 'at an angle' as the trust would have us believe.

This falls-in with the now normal excuse of 'damage' used by the trust, that is now awaiting the usual assessment from contractors before any work can begin and the area can be dredged for the fourth time!