Plenty of water on the Leeds & Liverpool

Published: Thursday, 15 July 2021

AFTER the heavy sustained rainfall over the last couple of weeks the reservoirs supplying the Leeds & Liverpool are full.

Canal & River Trust believe the reservoirs have sufficient water for the remainder of the boating season, Keith Gudgin reports.


This means that with the exception of Bingley Five Rise and Wigan flights the restrictions from all the other flights have now been removed.

These flights have had the padlocks removed allowing unrestricted use of the locks.

Swing bridges

All it now needs is for the many swing bridges to get proper maintenance and then boaters will be able to once again cruise the navigation with no worries of their breaking down—Editor.

The resies might be full but it's a pity so many swing bridges keep breaking. God filled the resies, now CaRT need to fix the bridges!—Keith Gudgin.