Swing bridge takes a week to repair

Published: Wednesday, 07 July 2021

IT WAS on Monday 28th June when Dock Swing Bridge (209) on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal broke down.

But with needing to locate parts for the flexible drive coupling that had failed it was not possible for a quick repair, Keith Gudgin reports.

Wrong part

It was stated the bridge would be open last Friday as parts had first to be sourced, but this was not to be as when the contractors attempted to fit the part is was discovered it was the wrong one.

So there was no access through the bridge over the week-end, but the contractors eventually worked on the part to make it fit, and the lift bridge reopened on Monday—after being closed for a week.

Lost most of family holiday

The stranded boaters were then able to proceed, with our being told one hirer lost most of a family holiday, but the company brought out a tug to pull the boat so it could be turned.