'Maintenance fault' closes Watford Flight

Published: Saturday, 19 June 2021

A NEW reason for lock failure from Canal & River Trust—'Maintenance fault'.

This, it tells us, is what has closed Watford Flight on the Leicester Section of the Grand Union Canal, Keith Gudgin reports.

watford locksCaRT cock-up?

He asking—Is 'maintenance fault' a new way of describing a CaRT cock-up? Very likely, as the trust is in charge of maintenance, so if there is a fault it is to blame.

The flight was closed yesterday (Friday) with CaRT telling 'Due to an unexpected maintenance fault with one of the lock quadrants, Watford Lock Flight is currently non operational'.

Damage assessed on Monday

The full extend of the damage will be assessed on Monday so that repair work can be planned.

So no way through the flight this week-end.  And the towpath too is closed to visitors.